Welcome to My Web Site!

2020, May 16    

Welcome to My Web Page

Welcome to my blog page. In this blog you can find things about my interests and current works. Also I want to share some technical tutorials for developers. For now, I just want to say, hello world!

About Me


  • Current: Development Coordinator @ Argela
  • Past: Development Manager & Cloud Architect @ COMODO Turkey
  • 10+ Years of Software Development Experience
  • 3+ Years Scrum & Agile Development Team Management Experience.


  • Amazon Web Services Early Adopter
  • J2EE Application Development
  • Development of Sip,VOIP and IVR applications.
  • Async realtime client-server communication, Atmosphere Framework and Async servlets.
  • Configuration and development JVM applications for Docker instances.
  • Android/iOS mobile client applications and server side api development.Android/iOS apps publishing and embedding process.
  • Digital Signatures and knowledge of cryptography standards.
  • Scalable and easy to manage Web Based Software development with PHP(Zend framework) and JSP
  • Linux Server Management (Apache/Nginx Http Servers, Dovecot,Postfix,MySQL, Apache Tomcat, Cron Jobs and Backup Tasks,Fail2Ban,DRBD based MySQL Clustering,Linux bash scripting,Rsyslog log rotation and log redirection, Mcafee Email Gateway Management)
  • Patching and rebuilding source rpm packages for Centos, Redhat and Oracle Linux. -C++ development for linux operating systems and building rpm packages on linux.
  • Memcached protocol implementation in java for providing memcached service in traditional SQL database projects. Experienced on:
  • Programming Languages and Frameworks: Java, Android, Spring, JSP,PHP,C#,C++,Node JS,JQuery,HTML,CSS,Asp.Net, JPA, Quartz,Loj4J,Ionic,PhoneGap (Apache Cordova),C++
  • Development Tools: IntelliJ Idea,Eclipse, Android Studio & ADT, Netbeans,XCode, Visual Studio, SOAP UI, MySQL Workbech, Selenium Automated Testing Tool.
  • General Development Tools: Git, SVN, Jira, Jenkins, Redmine, Maven
  • Databases: Mysql, Oracle, PostgreSQL,Memcached,MongoDB,SqLite

Support or Contact

Email: onuratci @ icloud.com